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At the Ethnographic Museum in Stockholm, an exhibition is now on display, We Are Seediq, about an indigenous Taiwanese people. Central to the exhibition is the 360 film, which encloces the viewer in a gigantic panorama. How did we manage to create it? The collaboration with Etnografiska, Swedish Frames, Mevida and composer Henrik Lörstad turned out to be a hit.




Museum of Ethnography


Panorama video


360-degree film projection at Museum of Ethnography
Exhibition at Museum of Ethnography
People of the Seeiq tribe are standing in a circle looking up at the camera
360-degree film projection at Museum of Ethnography
360-degree film projection at Museum of Ethnography

The film "Work in Stockholm" documents the indigenous people's search for their roots and history. The fact that an indigenous people from Taiwan takes Stockholm for help to find its origins has its explanation in the museum's way of working.

© Copyright Etnografiska Museet Stockholm 2023, “Work in Stockholm”.

Medea Ekner from the Ethnographic Museum made the vision clear early on. With the help of 12 projectors, a 100 square meter circular screen and eight separate sound channels, the indigenous people would have a permanent place in Stockholm, in the heart of the museum.

Two projectors

Genuine landscape images from the indigenous environment in Taiwan have been stitched together into the circular format using VR and Unreal. Entering the Stockholm Room is a journey through time and space. Authenticity is central to the project, each mountain peak has been approved by the museum and Taiwan in cooperation.

View over forest covered mountains. The sky is blue and gloomy
Forest covered mountains and text blocks
Seven people looking into the camera
Waterfalls and mountains
View of a house, two people and a view over a lake and forest

behind the scenes

A man sitting at a desk working on his computer with sound editing

Composing, music and sound for an enclosing film is something different from Cinema. Henrik Lörstad's sound work mixes local sound impressions with several languages - Swedish, Mandarin and English.

Behind "We Are Seediq" lies extensive technical work - but where storytelling is at center. Editor and VFX artist Johanna Gåhlin carefully handled the material during the editing process.

A woman sitting at a desk working on her computer with editing
A woman sitting at a desk working on her computer with editing

Anastaisa Matuszewski is a VFX artist at Swedish Frames. Her mission was to create lifelike panoramas from a large collection of films and still images, all in dialogue with on-site representatives in Taiwan.

in the spotlight

We Are Seediq has received a lot of attention for its brave approach. Read the article about the project in Monitor no. 04 2023 here.

Image of a magazine headline
Image of a magazine article

Monitor - Unik utställning om urfolk i 360°

Image of a girl with a face tattoo staring into the camera
Graphic poster for the exhibition We are seediq

We Are Seediq is a live exhibition on display throughout 2023 / 2024 - don't miss the chance to visit it at the Ethnographic Museum in Stockholm.

team credits

Client: Museum of Ethnography

Film production: Swedish Frames AB

Graphic design: Gabor Palotai Design

Photographer: Karl Zetterström


Producer: Jonatan Kruse

Editor: Johanna Gåhlin

VFX Artist: Anastasia Matuszewski

Composer: Henrik Lörstad

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