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Swedish Frames AB was founded in 2012 by cinematographer Johan Nordström, VFX artist Simon Karlsson, and director Jonatan Kruse. Two objectives were written on separate pieces of paper by the coffee machine.

A - To understand, experience, and create value from the technological developments that were reshaping the media industry from the ground up at that time. We would see the change as an inspiration and an enabler - nothing else.

B - To become the best at telling how exactly this change takes place, its risks and opportunities, and how it affects us as individuals. On a human and technical level. Macro and micro perspectives simultaneously.

Today, we have framed those notes, and they still hang by the coffee machine. We have realized that our stories are needed. We have given them a name. We call them Tales of Tomorrow.

Three men talking next to a film camera
Two men talking next to a film camera

meet the owners


Simon Karlsson

Senior Motion Designer & VFX Supervisor.

Alana Gordon

Experience Maker & Marketing Specialist

Jonatan Kruse

Director & Senior Producer. CEO.

Storytelling is our way of understanding.


We believe that knowledge about our world has not ever been more critical than today. What we don't understand is hard to protect. Therefore we are telling the same stories over and over again. Our children's stories.


We call them Tales of Tomorrow.

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