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showcase Vimla - Invasafobi



High demands, technical challenges, and visual precision on one hand. Budget constraints on the other. Read about Swedish Frames' collaboration with some of the country's most skilled creators, which ultimately yielded the result we desired!







Still Images



Vimla commercial poster shown at a wall with tile
Vimla poster

Vimla sells mobile subscriptions.

Since its inception, the strategy has been to communicate frequently and effectively to a young and trend-sensitive target audience. Color and design have always been guiding principles, and since the art director Jakob Westman (New Normal / Haus) took the creative helm, the main characters have been a family of stylized characters with oversized heads in a quirky world.


- the coined term that describes the fear of unknown calls. The reluctance to answer calls from unfamiliar numbers is widespread among the target audience. Vimla offers an advanced number presentation solution. The campaign aims to communicate the problem and its solution to its target audience.

VFX Breakdown

A drawn sketch of a person reacting scared when squid tentacles comes out of a phone.
Person reacting scared when squid tentacles comes out of a phone.
Person reacting scared when squid tentacles comes out of a phone.

Curious about the tricks behind a VFX production? Witness the magic behind the scenes in this breakdown from 'Vimla Filter'.

"Vimla's biggest investment to date!
TV, Digital Out Of Home, Print, and Social Media."

Behind the scenes of a recording for a commercial

Vision and method - in a production like 'Vimla Invasophobia,' the nuances are determined weeks before filming. The demands on the film team are high, and time pressure is significant. A scene must be built, optimized, and torn down on the same day. Thirty perfect seconds of film serve as the foundation for weeks of post-production work.

One target becomes several. Modern campaigns often encompass multiple windows such as TV, print, social media, and DOOH (Digital Out Of Home). It's essential to tailor the film and images from the start to meet these requirements - often, horizontal and vertical monitors stand side by side on the set."

in the spotlight

Screenshot from an article

Resumé - Vimla gör största kampanjen hittills - lanserar ny tjänst med fobi

Screenshot from an article

Jakob Westman - Vimla Filter

Satisfied customer? Telenor, the owner of the Vimla concept, saw a 43% increase in new registrations during the campaign weeks. Brand awareness measured at +64% in the weeks following.

New productions with the creators behind the campaign are already planned. A satisfied customer is all about experience and results. In the production of 'Vimla Invasophobia,' we managed to deliver on both fronts.

team credits

Idea, concept & PR: New Normal


Media agency: Hearts & Science

Web agency: Earth People

Film production: Swedish Frames AB

VFX Director: Simon Karlsson

Photography: Johan Nordström fsf,      

Photography: Patrik Lindén


AD: Jakob Westman

Director: Jonatan Kruse

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