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   showcase - En kväll för alla barn



In 2023, more children than ever before in modern history will be in need of assistance to survive. To be able to help these children, UNICEF needs voluntary contributions.

The gala has become one of UNICEF's most important platforms for Swedish supporters, donors, and helpers. For the third year in a row, Swedish Frames is designing the gala's graphic concept and design.




Graphic Identity


Four days before the broadcast, tension is high, video calls are swift, and checklists are scrolled through at record speed. The gala's main players are TV4, Gabardin, and NEP – our task at SFR is to create a graphic foundational concept and, based on that, fill graphic folders with material. Some components are broadcasted live from the OB Bus, some are incorporated into the feature material weeks before the broadcast, and others go through TV4's advertising infrastructure – there are many formats to keep track of.

Experienced Design Star

The brain behind the concept is Simon Karlsson, a Senior VFX & 3D Generalist with a long list of productions on his CV.

"It's about visual storytelling, constantly driving a story forward. Communicating, being understood, and feeling interesting."

UNICEF's requests have always been to highlight the child, the seriousness within the gala's glitter, and the echo from the reality they encounter in the field.



The visual request is to strike a balance between Gala and Celebration on one hand and UNICEF's strict graphic guidelines on the other. We are allowed to experiment and push boundaries, but still with respect for the subject and theme. How do you create festivity based on children's needs for help?


Show - but not for us

When the Gala airs in Stockholm on May 30th, the concentration is at its peak for the producers at UNICEF, NEP, and Gabardin. In the broadcast bus, it's dead quiet as the cameras are operated and the production comes to life. But our work, and that of many others, is already done.

"We treat ourselves with chips on the couch," Simon laughs.

The morning after brings new missions, new broadcasts, and new projects!"


'En kväll för alla barn' was broadcasted on TV4 Play and TV4 at 8:00 PM on May 30, 2023. UNICEF's and TV4's annual fundraising gala was previously referred to as 'Världens viktigaste kväll'

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