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Big parties. Large packages. How do we illustrate a growing retail chain's ambition to make a mark?

Read about the work behind a campaign - and the color detail that nearly caused everything to fall apart.







Still Images



Commercial poster at a bus stop
Commercial poster in the city
Commercial poster in the city

Greenscreen. And in this case, also

Greyscreen and Orangescreen.

How is it obvious to a viewer that it's large

packages and normal people? And not

small people and normal packages?

How does the viewer perceive that the products are unnaturally

large? Instead of the people being unnaturally small?


AD Jakob Westman's (Haus) questions are always clever and multifaceted. And always a starting point for something to explore together. Large packages. The client's message and the heart of the matter. "We sell large packages." How do we convey that in images?

Overview of a green screen studio

An interplay between film, still images, and photorealistic 3D. But what is what? We need a clear workflow from the beginning. If we fail in planning and executing one image component, it won't fit with the others when the puzzle finally takes shape.

Film recording and photography simultaneously. Film photography almost always uses a shutter speed of 1/50, while still images are often exposed with flash at around 1/10,000 to achieve sharpness. Film generally tolerates more noise and higher ISO, while model photography often stays below ISO 100 to do justice to skin tones. The recording was about finding a middle ground - and then working out any compromises in post-production.

behind the scenes

Woman in a wedding dress in green screen studio
Image of a two women in a green screen studio
Overview of a green screen studio


We've had hour-long meetings about shadows.

Late-night phone calls. Shadows?

Natural, clear shadows are the glue that binds the image components together in a common context. With accurate shadows, the viewer buys into the illusion that everything is taking place in the same room. But how do we create them? Without perfect shadows, the production loses its quality.

The color that no one thought of.

In still images, we separate main objects from the background with AI tools and pixel precision. In film, on the other hand, we use greenscreen, a less precise method based on color separation. So who came up with using a green bouquet against a green background?


Our computers can't distinguish between the shades of green in the background and the bouquet! It becomes a daunting task for our VFX artists to cut and paste manually.



Our participants are top models from agencies.

Their radiance is a mix of experience, makeup, acting talent, and the geometry of the body and face.

And, of course, a common goal - for a few seconds, both the model, director, and team know exactly what they're looking for.


Image of props at a photoshoot
Wedding couple on a photoshoot inside a studio

Satisfied customer? For a few weeks, the customer's brand is exposed everywhere. Subway, city billboards, social media, and print campaigns in newspapers. Everything counts, everything is visible, everything shapes an impression. The impression creates the brand. Satisfied?

We're already planning the next campaign. "Julboost" will be the follow-up to "Stooora fester".

team credits

Idea, Concept & PR: Haus

Media Agency: Hjärtan & Vetenskap

Web Agency: Jordens människor

Creative Director: Jakob Westman

Art Director: Jonas Granström

Agengy: Röster

Film production: Swedish Frames AB

Stylist: Merilin Kermas Mardo

Photographer: Johan Nordström

VFX Director: Simon Karlsson

Director: Jonatan Kruse

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