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Large packages. Small prices.

And an absolutely fantastic film production.







Greenscreen. And in this case, also

Greyscreen and Orangescreen.

How is it obvious to a viewer that it's large

packages and normal people? And not

small people and normal packages?

A mother, a curious girl, and Christmas spirit. In an environment with giant food packages. The story is clear, the idea simple. But the technology behind it is challenging.


Mixing scales and sizes in a credible way eventually becomes a case for photorealistic 3D, late-night meetings, and some of the country's most skilled VFX artists.

Abundance of light. Photographer Johan Nordström, fsf, often uses flash to shorten shutter times and increase sharpness. But here, the lighting in the small world must be identical to the one with people. Lighting is one of the major challenges of the recording.

Green background, orange floor. Dark contrasting colors can be easily separated from the orange floor, while skin tones require green to separate clearly enough. Even the lighting is adjusted to allow the masks to blend as seamlessly as possible in post-production.


behind the scenes


Nine-year-old Sara in makeup. The makeup artists are experienced at bringing out the various expressions and traits of the models. Often, the same character makes several completely different appearances during a shooting day.


A lot of work for a simple production. But for a few weeks, the client's brand is exposed everywhere. Subways, city billboards, social media, and print campaigns in newspapers. Everything counts, everything is visible, everything shapes an impression. The impression creates the brand.

The choice of shoes, color, camera lenses, and props becomes significant. And as the campaign spreads and does its job, we work on preparing the next one.

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team credits

Idea, Concept & PR: Haus

Media Agency: Hjärtan & Vetenskap

Web Agency: Jordens människor

Creative Director: Jakob Westman

Art Director: Jonas Granström

Agengy: Röster

Film production: Swedish Frames AB

Stylist: Merilin Kermas Mardo

Photographer: Johan Nordström

VFX Director: Simon Karlsson

VFX Artist: Johanna Gåhlin

Director: Jonatan Kruse

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