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Super Intelligence Computer Systems



Today Artificial Intelligence is on every one’s mind. But today's AI is more like a repeating parrot than a self-learning entity enabled to upscale and learn. 

The Swedish company SICS AI ensembles the most prominent engineers and innovators redefining the concept of AGI with adaptive learning capacities.  


Follow our journey to visualize one of the most exciting AI developers, in one of the most challenging fields - next generation AGI.






3D visualization

Still Images

Company Branding


The Vision

The 2 min 30 sec video doesn’t only communicate the team of SICS and their status today. It summarizes the intention of the company, their basic concept and how to make that impact they strive for.


It’s a vision not only for a company – but for a world on how to define and welcome a new generation of AI – closer to self-awareness than ever. 

Award nominated composer Henrik Lörstad in action

SICS The Vision a child

What if they succeed


While regular AI requires enormous amounts of data to function, SICS focuses on an independent learning process driven by curiosity.


Just like a human brain, the software structures a model of its environment or an object layer by layer, understanding it iteratively. This method enables layers of learning and adaptation and draws similarities with the human way of identifying and solving problems.


SICS's digital brain is not only compatible with today's industrial machines but may also be the core of both humanoid robots and self-thinking systems of tomorrow.

"So damn good. So damn damn damn damn good!!

Jonatan, I can’t describe my gratitude for this film in another way – it’s do damn good!” 

Karim Nouira, CEO and Founder SICS AI

SICS Karim Nouira CEO

Logo - Design by Swedish Frames

When SICS approached us at Swedish Frames, they had the product, the process, and the business model ready. However, visually, they were at square one. In close collaboration with SICS, Swedish Frames created the entire company's visual identity, including the graphic manual, film, logo, and website platform.

Nvidia Next door


While the film & VFX-crew at Swedish Frames focused on the visuals, SICS attended NVIDIA's 2024 AI Event in San Francisco. NVIDIA was addressing problems to what SICS could offer a solution, making them relevant for an eventual collaboration. NVIDIA’s hardware is a cornerstone to whatever AI – SICS’s included.

SICS Karim Nouira CEO
SICS Karim Nouira CEO
SICS Joakim Dahlstedt CTO

“This film is perfect!
I can’t stress enough how pleased I am with the quality!”
Liza Bogatyrev, CMO SICS AI

team credits

Johan Nordström fsf


Music & Sound:
Henrik Lörstad 

Head of VFX / Concept Design:
Simon Karlsson


Jonatan Kruse

Anastasia Matuszewski

Johanna Gåhlin

Samuel Mauritzson. 

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