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Scania Super is the culmination of all Scania expertise accumulated over several decades. When the company introduced the powertrain, they aimed to create experiences and impressions, preferably in 3D. Swedish Frames took responsibility for the development of the 3D chassis and 3D engine for Scania's prestigious construction.






Web experience

Web experience showcasing Scania truck with information boards
Front view of Scania truck
Web page showcasing Scania truck wheel axle with information board
Web experience showcasing Scania truck engine with information boards

Navigate. The 3D system PlayCanvas made it possible to navigate within an interactive 3D palette from any web browser.


Transparency. Rotate the chassis in smooth and high-resolution 3D, experience details, and grasp the entirety. The model is meticulously compressed, screw by screw, from Scania's CAD file.

"Scania is now launching a new powertrain called 'Super,' which offers a fuel saving of 8 percent. Super has two engines for RME use. Scania Super has a power range of up to 560 hp and a maximum torque of up to 2800 Nm."

Web experience showcasing Scania truck with information boards

Internationally. The 'Scania Super Experience' is simultaneously launched in 18 countries, each in a different language. Translation, localization, and implementation in PlayCanvas became a key aspect of the project.


Graphics, film, animations, and videos. There is a wide variety of content available for Scania's visitors. The content is organized into themes, and the possibilities for deeper exploration are numerous."

International expertise. Swedish Frames collaborated with several experts under the leadership of Nordic Morning and Scania's internal development unit. Behind the platform are employees from Sweden, Portugal, Ukraine, and France.

Visit Scania Super

Screenshot from Scanias web page

The web is evolving. Scania Super is an example of when a customer uses real-time 3D to create experiences around a product. Swedish Frames aims to drive development with new stories, techniques, and design!

team credits

Client: Scania


Agency: Nordic Morning

Head of project, NM: Mikael Thiel

3D-asset design: Swedish Frames

Concept Design: Nordic Morning, Swedish Frames

Head of software dvlp, Scania: Adam Matsson

PlayCanvas Implementation: Swedish Frames, Tsukat

Head of PlayCanvas Implementation, Tsukat div: Taras Onyskiv

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