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showcase Phoenix Biopower



The customer faces intensive financing rounds and expansive growth. The interest in renewable energy is more significant than ever. But how do you display large-scale plans when all there is is text and calculations? Swedish Frames are masters at visualizing the engineers' work. This is the story of how we went from this – to this – in less than a month!




Phoenix Biopower


Concept Design

3D visualization

Still Images


Render showing a CAD-file of a biomass power plant
Render showing an overview over a biomass power plant

From CAD to Hollywood!

We don't redo the engineers' work, but start from existing CAD models when creating our scenes. The collaboration between engineers and Swedish Frames 3D designers is close, with constant conversations and meetings about design details. 

CAD from client

Final render


Render showing an overview over a biomass power plant surrounded by forest
Render showing an overview over a biomass power plant surrounded by forest

Phoenix Biopower is developing an advanced technology that optimises the entire process of converting biomasses into heat and usable energy. Their goal is to introduce their methods on a global scale, in I world of urgent need for redefined energy production. Phoenix Biopower's plans are big – they are realistic – but at the time they had nothing to show but equations.

We had the impression that the client was kind of sceptic. We hadn’t ever worked before, they had a number of critical presentations upcoming and just our promises – this will be good. This will be fantastic… But what happens if it won’t?

Screenshot from a video from Phoenix Biopower

behind the scenes

The scale is just crazy. A normal computer has no problem rendering a screw. Perhaps a can. But a complete, large-scale facility with requests on pixel-perfect details? The team had not only artistic challenges and technical, but were also fighting against time. How would we manage to render it all to deadline? The project required a complete update of our rendering pipe, and enabled a new palette of rendering options using thousands of connected GPU:s in a farm.

Render showing an overview over a biomass power plant

When shaping giant facilities like this, we’re not creating images or videos – but models. Like Lego or old school Märklin – but in computers. Once done, we can create whatever the client demands. A video, a series of still photos, or a VR experience? No problem! We can even give you a cinematic walkthrough, or shoot your shots by a virtual drone!

The world is changing, and we’re telling the stories required. Almost always by high-quality visual material. Phoenix Biopower is shaping its own success – but perhaps with some help from our efforts. Or what do you think?

team credits

Client: Phoenix Biopower

Film production: Swedish Frames AB

Producer: Jonatan Kruse


3D Supervisor: Simon Karlsson

3D Generalist: Johanna Gåhlin

3D Generalist: Anastasia Matuszewski

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