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showcase Neonode



Neonode creates contactless interaction between man and machine. Swedish Frames won the storytelling assignment - make our business model clear! But how do you combine crystal-clear storytelling with branding ambitions?

You use a touch screen every day. Imagine the same function – but without touching the glass! Sensors measure the position of the finger in the air. Technology opens up a new world of contactless interaction.

But what does it look like?






3D visualization

Still Images



Cinematic image of a circuit board
Cinematic image of a circuit board
Cinematic image of a circuit board
Cinematic image of a circuit board

Neonode's branding lies at the intersection between the present and the future. The technology where it is implemented today, and where it will be tomorrow. The border is fluid and exciting - what is now and what is tomorrow?

Person driving a car that is shown in outline

Imagine. Neonode's technology is limitless.

Their customers create their areas of use. With 'Imagine' we want to inspire and test the limits. What can happen? What if? Imagine!

Person standing in front of a self service kiosk with a baggage trolley

Engineering art and visual work. The electronic elegance of the images surpasses what we can create visually. This is engineering. But why not try? Why not make the pictures of the electronics as beautiful as possible?


Neonode's enginers understand. But do customers understand? Do you understand? The central question in every film. Are we clear? Do you understand? Do you want to know more?

A man sitting at a desk working on his computer with editing

Neonode has it all. A listed tech company in the successful class.


What can we add from Swedish Frames?

Perhaps colours. Nuances. Gradients. 

The experience.

And in the end understanding.

A woman sitting at a desk working on her computer with 3D

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