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The customer has CAD drawings. They wish for photorealistic still images for web, print, and advertising. But that's just the beginning. Around the corner awaits a complete 3D configurator - loaded with thousands of kitchen variations in photorealistic 3D!




3D visualization

Beautiful scandinavian light oak kitchen in 3D
Beautiful scandinavian white kitchen in 3D
Beautiful scandinavian blue and green kitchen in 3D
White entry in 3D

If you're not familiar with 3D, this might be a shock.

The images you see are not real. They are 100% created by our

artists using programs like Maya and 3D-Studio Max.

When you open an IKEA catalog, most of the images are made in 3D.

Was that obvious to you? Now, let's move on.

Beautiful scandinavian light oak kitchen in 3D

Property and Real Estate.

Libitum is a leader in digital housing solutions. They focus on the customer journey from contract to completed move-in with a focus on option management,

aftermarket, and visual sales support.

Visual? Libitum demands top-notch visual quality. We give them what they want.



Our artists work with the same tools as photographers.
A sense of light, materials, and composition distinguishes good from perfection. Details in the digital lens properties - focal lengths and shutter speeds.

The new word for exposure is rendering.

Like a photograph - where the subject never existed.

Screenshot displaying the kitchen in a 3D program with parameters on the side

We create Libitum's kitchen. And then? We deliver still images - quickly - on demand. Replace, change materials, add, remove! Not just still images, but variations. Versions. Short films. Advertising images. And soon even configurators. Isn't that amazing?

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