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Step into the world of hotels with Hans Kanold, a man fueled by an insatiable passion for the industry. With a lifelong career dedicated to hotels, his love for the hospitality realm has only deepened over time. Now, Hans is eager to open the doors to his vast collection of stories and experiences.

Listen to the untold hotel stories! Follow Hans and the producer Jonatan in their discussions about all aspects of the wonderful world of hotels. Welcome to the Hotel Podcast!






Hans Konold


Jonatan Kruse




How many wonderful stories are concealed behind the facades of hotels? How many guests with expectations and experiences, how much hard work from the staff that is rarely seen?


Conversations about leadership and challenges, about hotels' environmental impact in a changing world. About threats and hotel security, about pricing – and about the art of creating the perfect Christmas buffet!


#episode 3 - Leadership


Hotel director Jessica Norgren shares her experiences from the Haymarket Scandic Hotel on Sergelstorg in Stockholm.


A conversation about leadership and hotels as transformative institutions in society.

Link available shortly

#episode 5 - Sustainable Hotels

PR consultant Daniel Hirsh discusses the climate impact of hotels and how future travel could look completely different from today.

Link available shortly


#episode 2 - The National Team Hotel

For six years, Marcus Allbäck was the Player's Manager for the national football team and inspected all hotels before the national team's matches and tournaments. We wonder, who got the suite, and is it important to have a bathtub in the room?


Theme Discussions

Hans and Jonatan brainstorm themes and headlines. Audience-pleasing topics like Hotel Breakfast and The Worst Guests are mixed with more demanding discussions about leadership and hotel security.

Is it a kitchen table or a podcast studio?

Both, the studio is portable, and in some episodes, we meet our guests at hotels.

Hotellpodden is the show where we discuss hotels both in front of and behind the scenes. Along with exciting guests, we seek the stories that have been silent - until now!

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 © Copyright "Hotellpodden" is a Hans Kanold / Jonatan Kruse
pod format produced by Swedish Frames AB • All Rights Reserved


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