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How will we produce energy in the future? Dutch Marine Energy Centre DMEC wants to explore, develop, and implement the idea of large-scale energy production at sea. But photographing massive energy parks before they exist is not possible. Creating super animations from the sea was assigned to Swedish industry label StoryTech® (Swedish Frames).






360 video

Still Images



Look around the energy parks using your cursor in the 360 video below! 

Offshore floating solar panels with offshore wind turbines at sea
Array of wave energy buoys with offshore wind turbines at sea

On paper, it's brilliant. Wind, solar, and ocean energy are abundant - but how does it become electricity? DMEC is one of many entities working towards massive offshore energy parks where Wind Power, Solar Power, and Wave Power coexist in the same infrastructure.

View of a computer displaying a 3D program with a lot of parameters

For VFX artists at Swedish Frames and StoryTech®, scale is the major challenge.


The images depicting vast water surfaces, thousands of solar panels, and moving wind turbines must be rendered and calculated before they are ready. The team uses supercomputers - rendering farms - to simulate the images photorealistically.

With the VR headset, it's possible to view environments on-site as if you were there. However, VR isn't just for entertainment. Engineers and project developers use this tool to gain an overview of whether their designs hold up in reality.

View of a wave energy buoy close to a boat with a lot of buoys in the background

Experts. Johanna Gåhlin works at the intersection of art and science.

Engineers check her models and they must be one hundred percent

accurate - but also visually beautiful. VR is ultimately an experience.

Dark VR headset

StoryTech®'s VR films will be widely used across Europe to showcase the advantages of offshore energy parks. We are working for the future of energy - and we are the first to be able to show what it will look like when everything is completed.

team credits

Client: DMEC - Dutch Marine Energy Centre

Film production: Swedish Frames AB

Producer: Jonatan Kruse

3D Supervisor: Simon Karlsson


3D Generalist: Johanna Gåhlin


3D Generalist: Anastasia Matuszewski

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Four images displaying Offshore floating solar panels with offshore wind turbines at sea
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