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showcase CorPower Ocean VR



To literally bring the entire system of wave power stations, corpacks and maintenance to clients and tradeshows is of course impossible. These assets are gigantic! But to bring a high quality VR-device containing the entire world of CorePower Ocean is not only doable – today it’s our client's routine and success!

This is the story of how we used 3D-models, inhouse designers and Ukrainian UNITY-experts to shape the entire world of CorePower Ocean in VR!




CorPower Ocean

Virtual Reality


Screenshots from Corpower VR Oculus Quest II


Our library of 3D-assets made for films and animations.

Everything starts with a CAD. When making our 3D-models for visualization, we’re not redoing the engineer’s job. But we are using it as a basis for shaping, texturizing, modelling and lighting to make it fulfil new purposes.

In this case, the job was already done. Our library of 3D-assets made for films and animations just waited to be used once again – but this time in its own reality. The Virtual Reality.

Learning by gaming

When entering the VR world, you’re proposed to a simple game. Generate as much energy as possible in a barrel of water, making the Buoy absorb it. Simple as that.


Playing is the best way to understand. And making clients and decision-makers understand is the best start for discussion.

Play it again?


Simple yet complex

To create the VR-world of Corepower, not only Swedish Frames expertise was needed. The experience is a collaboration with Ukrainian Tsukat, and their staff of Sound Designers, UX / UI developers and UNITY-experts. 


Tsukat has a world-class reputation for similar VR productions and aligned the team with a ultra-high level of performance and service minded attitude.


Look behind

One of Virtual Reality’s outstanding benefits is its capability of displaying proportions. To experience gigantic assets in VR is as close to reality as you can get – incomparable to pictures or illustrations.

Suddenly you are prompted to look behind you.


And when you do…


Corpower VR presented at TBB, Amsterdam

Yuki Esser at DMEC reaching highscore in CPO VR

Virtual Reality enables companies working with big facilities and industry components to display their assets in an unsurpassed way.


To bring an entire digital world in a briefcase outclasses everything when it comes to showcase and demonstration.


Corpower VR Experience 1.0 is released. Update 1.1 is on it’s way.

And with that a new extraordinary tool in a modern company’s toolbox.

team credits

Client: CorPower Ocean

Production: Swedish Frames AB

Producer: Jonatan Kruse

3D Supervisor: Simon Karlsson


3D Generalist: Johanna Gåhlin


3D Generalist: Anastasia Matuszewski

Unity Development: Tsukat

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