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showcase CorPower Ocean
Wave Energy Converter



For fifteen years, Corpower has developed a complete method to manufacture, launch and maintain buoys for the extraction of energy from the sea. Right now, a global breakthrough is underway for the Stockholm company. 

But how does it happen? With the film 'Wave Energy Converter' they commissioned Swedish Frames to illustrate the process in detail.




CorPower Ocean


3D visualization

Still Images



Today, the sea and its waves are an untapped source of energy. Swedish Industry, led by Corpower Ocean, has created a technology for extracting wave energy with high effective buoys.

With the help of CAD and photorealistic 3D, Swedish Frames

has created the films how it all works. 

The target group is states, governments and decision-makers all over the world that seeks efficient, stable and renewable energy.

selected productions

Two images of a tugboat towing a wave energy buoy at sea

From CAD to Hollywood! We don't redo the engineers' work, but start from existing CAD models when creating our scenes. The collaboration between Corpower's engineers and Swedish Frames 3D designers is close, with constant conversations and meetings about design details. 


One scene - a thousand pictures! The 3D scene we created also becomes the basis for other video clips, still images and illustrations. Corpower invests in perfect 3D scenes for the film, to also be able to order close-ups and descriptive illustrations at short notice. 

15 years of engineering development - but we are the first with the results! The scene where the buoys bob in the water is not real. Our animators have created it in photorealistic 3D. Yet these are the scenes that Corpower's engineers dream of and envision! Swedish Frames almost always works with photorealistic footage – months and years before the objects actually exist!


High-tech development hand in hand with the story! Corpower Ocean invests heavily in the development of new technology. But they are just as careful to tell about their successes to the press, customers and an interested general public. The films we make for Corpower are used non-stop on TV, media, on Linkedin, Facebook and all conceivable distribution.

A man wearing safety gear inside a buoy
Closeup displaying gears
Cut out of a wave energy buoys

Long before the buoy exists, Corpower teaches the maintenance staff using interior images created by Swedish Frames.

Black VR headset
360 image inside a buoy
Overview of a wavefarm
View of a wave energy buoy at sea next to a boat

VR - interactive.

With the help of VR, developers, staff and customers can see the buoy from inside and at sea - years before it actually exists!

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