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Together with friends at Animech in Uppsala and GE Healthcare UK, the goal is to create two films for medical technology marketing.


An advanced 3D film and a classically recorded video will together form the basis for the division's communication efforts.




Animech / GE HealthCare 

3D Visualization



Black and white portrait of a man with glasses
FASTlab 2

© Photography made by Animech / Johan Nordström fsf

Peter Wiberg at Animech in Uppsala is one

of the country's sharpest in 3D visualization

of machinery and medical technology.


Once Peter takes over the engineers' CAD drawings and converts them from the engineers' STEP to 3D Studio Max, artistic work can begin, where every surface and material takes on its color and form.

Setting up for the camera

Unlike Photoshop and 2D, 3D objects must be worked on from every conceivable perspective,

in every conceivable resolution and enlargement. Already, Wiberg is in dialogue with director Jonatan Kruse from Swedish Frames to align the work with the 3D model to the camera movements that Kruse has planned for the film.

3ds Max Viewport of model
View of the FASTlab 2 with a purple background
View of the FASTlab 2 with a purple background

Analog lamps and digital


On the 3D side, the modeling work is complete. Kruse and Wiberg set up the digital camera paths and lighting together. Despite the program simulating traditional lamps, director Jonatan is frustrated as shadows and highlights do not behave like on a film set.


But eventually, the shots come together, and Peter Wiberg sets up a rendering queue that will take the company's computers several days to complete.

Closeup on the FASTlab 2, showing three containers with red, yellow and blue liquids

The devil is in the details


Film producers are well aware that they portray solutions and products that engineers have taken many years to finalize. Respect for details is crucial for the customer, sender, and receiver. How materials meet each other and how textures reflect light are crucial for the

feeling of credibility.

White icon of a light bulb in a box
White icon of a list with a pen
White icon of a doctor holding a paper
Blue background with text and illustrations
Two doctors are pointing at a screen, blue details and text

New film for existing print

At the same time, material is being prepared for a film of a classical nature. GE Healthcare's print campaign is already finished, and now film material will be edited in the same spirit.


Here, the 3D tool is not used at all; instead, classic film scenes will be mixed with 2D scenes created in Adobe After Effects. Moving images, texts, animations, and still images will be fused together into a whole reminiscent of the print campaign.

A hand is holding a light sphere that shows different hospital icons
White icon of the globe

The films are under review at GE Healthcare. The company is one of the world's largest, and it is known that film and image impressions are crucial for how customers perceive the company. Good productions can help and strengthen – bad productions can do the opposite.

The films are approved by GE Healthcare and will be an important tool for them for many years to come. Friends Wiberg and Kruse check off another collaboration, together with the teams from

Animech and Swedish Frames.

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Five people wearing hospital gear are looking at a screen
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